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To ensure our communications with you remain as effective and efficient as possible we have created a series of professional reporting systems.

Meeting Action Summaries.
These provide you with an overall summary of the pertinent information discussed in meetings and give a detailed action list for follow up tasks to be undertaken and decisions agreed upon. Project Updates Updates provide you with timely advice at regular intervals regarding the development of any work you currently have in progress. These serve to keep you well informed and ourselves fully focused.

Briefing Summaries.
Taking a full and detailed brief ensures we gather all the appropriate information from you that will help us to hit the mark and achieve the greatest possible return on your investment.

Creative Analysis and Research Reports.
These are produced in a concise and easy to understand manner. They provide genuine insight into areas of your business that you may have overlooked or do not currently have the time or the expertise to effectively address.

The 11 Laws of Corporate Image Excellence.
This report is based on the principles we have observed over the years that have a major impact on the success of any organisation's or product's effective promotion. We think these laws are invaluable and we refer to them when assessing a client's current marketing practices. We certainly adhere to them ourself. If you'd like a free copy of this report please ask us.