That word is trust. Without it we limit the value we can be to each other. There are a number of areas that we desire your trust in:

The quality of our work and the judgement of our people.
All our people are expert in what they do and have honed their craft through many years of practical experience. They know what they are doing and they do it well. Which sometimes means they may deliver what you need ahead of what you want. If that proves the case they will always be able to explain the reasons why they consider this will prove more beneficial to you.

The price of the services we provide.
All of our services are based on an open and honest fee schedule. We believe that we should be able to justify our billings to clients whether you request us to or not. Service, creative and production fees are based on agreed rates and outsourced items billed at cost plus modest commission.

That you will communicate openly with us.
To serve your firm in the best possible way we need your assistance. We need you to prepare and deliver each brief in a detailed manner. To keep us informed of any concerns you may have so we can address these swiftly. That you will complete any related activity that you are assigned to do on time. And that you will settle your accounts in-full as they fall due.

That you trust our integrity and the high regard we have for all our clients.
We value our clients and the business they entrust us with. We cherish the relationship they allow us to have with them and do our best to serve them as professionally as possible. We are continuously looking out for information or ideas that may be of benefit to them.